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Young Adult - TV Series
Coming 2023



QLTV+ is where innovative entertainment and technology meet!

While most streaming services are focused on mining consumer analytics and selling your data to the highest bidder, QLTV+ is dedicated to offering the quality entertainment you want and deserve! We focus on every aspect of the creative process, so you can enjoy your new favorite content with the best viewer and consumer experience imaginable.

QLTV+ doubles down on making sure YOU can easily find your favorite shows, movies and more, and that YOU actually enjoy navigating our service. Every film and series we deliver meets three important standards: it must be Bright – it must be Beautiful - it must be Innovative. These are the keys to unsurpassed quality for every QLTV+ production and program you experience.

We sincerely thank you for entrusting us with your valuable time and allowing us to take you on this exciting, new entertainment journey. We can't wait for you to subscribe and join us! Become part of the QLTV+ family TODAY, and then spread our story to everyone you know and love, so they can join us too! If they matter to YOU, they matter to US, so let  them know they're welcome over at QLTV+ - your new home for Bright, Beautiful, and Innovative entertainment.

- The QLTV+ Team

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Meet Our Innovators

Leah "LQ" Queen

CEO & Chairwoman


"I believe the intersection of entertainment and technology is where "X marks the spot", and that's why QLTV+ digs deep to supply our viewers, consumers, and creators with the ultimate treasure! QLTV+ is the future of TV and Film, and the future is now."

Richard Allen

Chief Content Officer & President of Content

Richard Allen.jpeg

"I believe in entertainment we must be daring and forward-looking. It seems our business has become about analyzing numbers and no longer has anything to do with the gut. Creativity and innovation will always be the foundation of TV and Film." 

MaKisha Moore

VP of Administration

Charles Smith

Head of Development 

Temi Coker

VP of Film & TV

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Temi Coker.jpeg
Charles Smith.jpeg


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  • QLTV+ is dedicated to bright, beautiful, and innovative entertainment! 

  • Get exclusive invites to VIP QLTV+ events and screenings!

  • QLTV+ launches across all your favorite devices Summer 2023! 

  • PRE-SUBSCRIBE NOW with a QLTV+ Yearly Subscription Plan and automatically be entered for a chance to win a second year for FREE!

  • This offer is ONLY available to QLTV+ supporters who PRE-SUBSCRIBE BEFORE JUNE 1st, 2023!

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